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Can I stop by to see your shop or check in on my van when you’re converting it?2021-02-05T22:11:41+00:00

We love seeing potential clients and clients face-to-face, but we ask that you please make an appointment before stopping by.

What if I live out of state, and I want Altitude Vans to convert my van?2021-02-05T22:11:21+00:00

No problem at all! We support clients from across the country and pride ourselves in exceptional service whether you live down the street or are across the country. We also pay for your flight out (for two people) and hotel accommodations when you come to pick up your completed custom van build.

How do I get started with having Altitude Vans convert my van?2021-02-05T22:10:59+00:00

That’s easy! Just reach out. All of our contact information is listed here:

Can I bring in my own parts and accessories for you to install?2021-02-05T22:10:39+00:00

Due to the reliable and vetted relationships, we have with suppliers and manufacturers, we do not install client-supplied parts. This ensures we can verify the integrity of the parts when they arrive at our facilities and guarantee the manufacturer’s warranty. We guarantee all products that are installed in your van through the lifetime of their warranty.

Can you help me insure my van?2021-02-05T22:10:13+00:00

While we cannot insure your van, we can definitely offer recommendations on the best ways to get your van insured. We remember, our team has lived and traveled in converted vans, so we’re familiar with this process.

Does Altitude Vans offer financing?2021-02-05T22:09:52+00:00

At this time, we do not currently offer financing but are happy to answer any questions you have and offer recommendations.

How long will it take for you to convert my van?2021-02-05T22:09:22+00:00

We pride ourselves on efficient processes that allow us to complete your van build in 6-8 weeks. We typically schedule vans to start the build process within two weeks out.

Do I have to purchase my own vehicle?2021-02-05T22:09:00+00:00

Whatever works best for you! Bring us a van that you’ve already purchased, or contact us if you are interested in having us procure a van for you through our relationships with Mercedes-Benz.

What van makes and models do Altitude Vans convert?2021-02-05T22:08:15+00:00

We specialize in Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van conversions – all lengths and heights.

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